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C - Natural Events Archive

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  • Canada Geese, see G Geese, Canada
  • Canis latrans, see Coyote, to your left
  • Cantherellus spp, see Chanterelles, to your left
  • Cardinalis cardinalis, see Cardinal, to your left
  • Carduelis tristis, see G Goldfinch
  • Carya illinoensis, see P Pecan
  • Casmerodias albus, see E Egret, Great
  • Castor canadensis, see B Beaver
  • Cattle Egrets, see E Egret, Cattle
  • Cathartes aura, see V Vulture, Turkey
  • Cave Salamander, see S Salamander, Cave
  • Cercis canadensis,see R Redbud
  • Ceryle alcyon, see K Kingfisher, Belted
  • Charadrius vociferus, see K Killdeer
  • Chelidonium majus, see Celandine Poppies, to your left
  • Chologaster agassizi, see Cavefish, Spring, to your left
  • Chorus Frogs, see F, Frog, Chorus
  • Christmas Fern, see F Fern, Christmas
  • Claytonia virginica, see S Spring Beauties
  • Clouded Sulphur, see S Sulphur, Clouded
  • Colaptes auratus, see F Flicker
  • Coluber constrictor, see S Snake, Black Rat
  • Colias philodice, see S Sulphur, Clouded
  • Common Loon, see L Loon, Common
  • Copper Iris, see I Iris, Copper
  • Cornus florida, see D Dogwood, Common
  • Crotalus horridus, see R Rattlesnakes
  • Cranefly Orchid, see O Orchid, Cranefly
  • Cricket Frog, see F Frog, Cricket
  • Cryptotis parva, see S Shrew
  • Cunila origanoides, see W Wild Oregano
  • Custard Apple, see P Pawpaw
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