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Vendors of The Waterman and Hill Traveller's Companion.

At present (July 2009) there is only one vendor who is carying back issues of The Waterman and Hill Traveller's Companion Nature Almanac. That is The Book Emporium, 303 S Commercial St # 9, Harrisburg, IL 62946-2125, (618) 252-8022

Jim devoted many long and often serendipitous hours to findng outlets for his Almanac. He had the best reception at feed stores and bait shops, due to the information on planting by the signs and the animal activity tables; but of course, none of them are intersted in carrying back issues as that is the part of the Almanac that went out of date from year to year.

Distribution has been further disrupted because, while I didn't go to pieces after Jim's death (well, not for very long), the recasting of my own life has kept me busy enough that I have not made an effort to distrubute back issues except through this website.

However, one of our loyal bookstores built a fire under me, and I hope to be contacting the others during the last half of 2009 to see if they are interested in carrying back issues. Most years are still available. If I miss you, or if you are a new outlet interested in back issues, please contact me.

For old sake's sake, here's Jim's account of his efforts at finding a distributer and self-distribution:

Our Distribution Policy,
(or Why We're So Hard to Find)

"Ok, so we're not that easy to find... but we're well worth the search!

We know our distribution is limited but that's because we're a small, specialized publication that deals almost exclusively with a thinly populated, geographically limited area. Because of this most large-scale distributors prefer not to handle our Almanac and hence it isn't available at national chain stores in the region, for instance. So we distribute it ourselves, by and large. But because our publisher is such a pig-headed, obstinate, stubborn, regional chauvinist we are careful to place them only in locally owned, independent, area businesses - like ourselves (except in areas covered by our lone, pioneering, far-seeing distributor whose locations we are currently unaware of). But a buck's a buck. So if you'd like a copy of our current Almanac and if you are 1) unable, or 2) unwilling to visit such places as they happen to be sold, or 3) if you're just as obstinate, stubborn, and pig-headed as our publisher, then you can order a copy - by mail or by using PayPal - by following the link below"