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Natural Events Calendar

Natural Events Date Corrections

This lists some of the events occurring in the natural world in our region on average on the dates listed. Most dates are the earliest time one can expect to encounter the listed event (especially regarding blooming times of flowers). Since weather is an important factor in the timing of Natural Events the actual times of occurrence can vary somewhat, particularly in early spring and late fall.

However the dates listed are only reliable for the latitude of the Carbondale/Marion Harrisburg, Illinois area (roughly the 38th parallel). Those of you, Gentle Reader who live north or south of this line will therefore have to add or subtract days from the dates given in order to determine the correct times for your particular location

Find the Correct Date

So to find the correct date for any given Natural Event in your location determine your distance north or south from the 38th parallel. Since Spring advances northward roughly six miles per day those living south of this line should subtract a day for every six miles distance. Those north of this line should add a day for every six miles. After the Summer Solstice (mid June) reverse the procedure.

Assuming you don't want to go to all that trouble, consult the map above. Each horizontal dotted line is equavalent to three days (marked ton the left side of the map).

A Note on Species Names.

Species in this section are listed according to their common names. For those seeking more specific information as to precisely which species is meant just e-mail us at the address above and to the left.

Our Area

The information on this page is tailored to Southern Illinois, Southwest Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri

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