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General Interest Midwestern Sites

  •   Shawnee Network for people with roots or branches in Southern Illinois
  •   Missouri Dept of Conservation Home Page. Be sure to check out info about different animals under "nature"
  •   Ilinois Dept of Natural Resources Home Page. Info on state parks. Info on flora and fauna is under "Kids and Education - Classroom Materials."
  •   Kentucky Dept of Fish and Wildlife. Frog photos and calls, checklist of Ky birds, etc.
  •   Southern Illinois Tourist Guide
  •   Great Plains Nature Center, Wichita, Kansas
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Narrowly Focused Midwestern Sites

  •   Missouri Mycological Society Homepage, for those devoted to mushrooms.
  •   Chicago Herpetological Society
  •   Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, University of Kansas
  •   Prarie Parcel Restoration.
  •   Not just for restorers. Includes excellent b&w illustrations of native prairie plants.
  •   The Audobon Society Homepage. Look under "states and chapters" for a chapter near you, or to check out the webpages of chapters which have them.
    One of our favorites is put out by the Davies County, Ky chapter.
  •   Even insects have their own websites. Is this a great century, or what?
    Among our favorites: Dragonflies
  •   Ohio dragonflies. Outstanding photos!
  •   Monarch butterflies
  •   The home page of the St. Louis chapter of the North American Butterfly Association. Including a page on gardening for butterflies and lists of butterflies appearing in the St. Louis Area, most with excellent photos St. Louis NABA
  •   A guide to the wildflowers (and more!) of Twin Swamps Nature Preserve Great pictures usefully arranged on a website devoted to a nature preserve in Indiana that includes a cypress swamp.
  •   Southern Illinois Nature Trails, An unofficial guide by Dr. David G. King.
  •   Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network
  •   Wildflowers, Arthropods (and More!) in Southwest Ohio. A treasury of photos & Quicktime movies by R. Hays Cummins, Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University
  •   Green Earth, Inc's, home page. Green Earth is a grass-roots not-for-profit organization centered in Carbondale, IL, and devoted to preserving local natural areas.
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Local History & Authors

  •   The Heartland Writers Guild - featuring links to many local author's webpages, under "Resources for Writers". They meet in Sikeston, MO
  •   The Southern Illinois Writers' Guild, which meets in Carterville, IL
  •   UCWG the website of the Union County Writer's Group, which meets in Anna, IL
  •   The Cape Rock - An interesting and irreverent local offering, including a Missouri gazetter.
  •   Illinois History, by Jon Musgrave, author of Handbook of Old Gallatin County. Solidly researched and well presented.
  •   Grandmother Stories collection, by Deborah Duvall and Murv Jacob. These beautifuly illustrated books make a lively retelling of Cherokee myths and legends. While the authors live in Oklahoma, the animals in the stories all are (or were) native to our area, such as Rabbit, Otter, and Bear.

North American Sites

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Birds and Birding

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Search Sites

  •   L3XICON.com, an electronic dictionary/thesarious suplemented by web sites.
  •   KartOO visual meta search engine
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Non Sequitur Sites

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