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Local Cougar Sightings

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Jefferson County, Indiana
Jefferson County, Indiana

I am a 29yr old outdoorsman from east central Indiana, very avid in hunting (white tail) and fishing. I have an unconfirmed cougar sighting that took place Nov. 29, 2003.

It was around 3 or 4pm on Saturday Nov.29, 2003. I was hunting on my uncle's land in south eastern Indiana (Jefferson co.) I had been in one spot all day and had decided to make my way closer to the house, as I began making my way around the top of ridge that I was hunting I found myself in front of my uncle's home about 300 ft up the ridge. At this point I could clearly see the large winter wheat field that had just been planted weeks prior to my hunt, knowing we had 3 tree stands that lined the edges of this wheat field at the base of the wooded ridge I began to scout for any deer movement.

Just as soon as I positioned myself to take a broad look at the field something caught my eye. I noticed some movement along the edge of the woods and the wheat field, at first with the naked eye I knew it was not a deer being it was so low to the ground, so as I began to pull my 4x scope up on my shotgun I started to make it out. At first my assumption was coyote but at 400 yds it seemed awfully large for a coyote. I stayed on it with the scope until I was sure what I was looking at, and then with the astonishment that left me fumbling for my Binoculars I confirmed what I saw.

The long seemingly 4 to 5 ft tail slowly raised up and the cat began stalking low to the ground around the edge of the woods, I continued to watch the cat as it moved up the ridge into the woods. For the last 3yrs I have been hunting this area only 2 people has stated seeing the big cat on the back side of the ridge I was hunting, these 2 people are close friends to my uncle and live less than a 1/2 mile apart. Until recently my uncle spotted what we think is the same cat on the night of Saturday Nov. 8th, as he was pulling the ATV into the barn he decided to shine the pasture where the horses roam (looking for deer) he noticed three sets of eyes and being curious only to the fact that 2 horses occupy the area he put the spot light on the 3rd set of eyes directly behind the horses, at first he thought the same as I (coyote) because it was low to the ground. As he held the light directly on the eyes he saw the tail emerge and then with a leap it vanished in the river bed.


Pope, Massac, and Hardin Counties, Illinois

I have had three cougar sightings reported to me one of which was lu_lu (Pope County), the other Joe Hicks saw two in a field near Brookport (Massac County) in the spring, and the neighbor to Fred and Nancy Cota saw one on his farm between Camp Cadiz and Karber's Ridge (Hardin County) within the last month...

John O'Dell

Fulton County, Illinois
Fulton County, Illinois

I know this sounds impossible to believe but I think there are some [cougars] in Fulton County, Illinois. At least one. My dad said he was told there was one sighted between St. David and Bryant about a month ago by a friend who is an outdoorsman. I thought no way but ok, he doesn't drink or anything so maybe. Last week I saw what appeared to be a cougar across the hwy from Banner Marsh on the Illinois River. It was about dusk and a large cat with a long tail and 18 - 24 inches at the shoulders was frozen in a stalking position in a corn field. Of course that day I didn't have my camera. Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone else would report it as well.

Dave Burnham

Pope County, Illinois
Pope county, Illinois

At 8:05 pm tonight - I saw a cougar in Pope County, Southern Illinois. No ifs, ands, or buts - I saw him/her. My dog barked and barked (and kept her distance). I was about 150 feet from it. It saw me - looked at me, then went on across the road. I saw one on my property about 8 years ago, everyone said I was nuts! I know what I saw tonight! And, I'll say that it has been around here for about a week now - just thinking back over different things that have happened.

Just HAD to tell somebody!! :-)

lu_lu - Name withheld by request

Peoria County, Illinois
Peoria County, Illinois
[Unfortunately we managed to lose the text of this e-mail]

JWARD and his wife were photographing wild flowers in Peoria, Illinois. They spotted a large black cat sitting under the trees in the woods next to the cemetery and watched it walk away.


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Cougar, Felix concolor
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