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Reptile Eggs
More about Green Snakes

Mother Green Snake
Photo by Chrissy H. All rights reserved

My husband found a beautiful Green Snake and brought it home for our daughter. We put her in a 55 gallon tank with a screen lid. My daughter and I went outside and caught a variety of bugs and put in with her also. After reading your article I put some small shrub type plants in the tank with her.

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Photo by Chrissy H. All rights reserved

Much to our surprise, the snake began laying eggs shortly after we got her. We began with five eggs in a one gallon pickle jar. One egg didn't make it, but the others are doing well. My husband actually commented last night that he thought they looked bigger. I told him what I had read, and that they will grow with the snake. We have been misting them every few days.

Here's a picture of the "incubator."

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Inside the incubator
Photo by Chrissy H. All rights reserved

Here's an inside view of the eggs incubating.

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Mother Green Snake again
Photo by Chrissy H. All rights reserved

Thank you again for the information! When the babies hatch, we'll release them and mom back into the wild. This has been a great Science project!!

--Chrissy H., Texas

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