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Through Other Eyes

By Elizabeth A. Kassly

Hand holding feather at petroglyph site
Photo Copyright © 2004, 2005 Elizabeth A. Kassly.
All rights reserved

Prehistoric pictographs and petroglyphs...images drawn and carved on stone by the early prehistoric inhabitants of this Illinois land...should never be disgraced. Yet they unthinking young and old alike... who were never told that it was wrong. Maybe they have a need to leave something of themselves behind...that will last through time.

Don't do it on the it on PAPER!!! Please, to all of you out there who have the breath of discovery...take only photos...leave only footprints. We people sometimes fear what we don't understand...young people need to read and learn and research their world...for a better understanding of it and for a better understanding of these rare and unusual images.

These are the only written records we have...the stories are in the artful renditions left behind by our ancient American Indian people. It is up to the people of this land to be stewards...of the past and of our future. Thank you.

– Elizabeth Kassly

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Copyright © 2004, 2005 Elizabeth A. Kassly. All Rights Reserved.